MyNordstrom – Get Nordstrom Benefits at

MyNordstrom – Get Nordstrom Benefits at

Want to have a brief introduction on Mynordstrom then keep going with the article. Nordstrom has designed a website for their employees only, so that they may be able to know the benefits offered by them. Before creating an account at Nordstrom, we suggest you go through the benefits of having complete knowledge about it.

MyNordstrom for its Employees:

They have developed a web portal for their employees to provide them access to manage their work schedule online and check their payslip. Many other options are also available for the employees. However, before make you aware that we need you to go through the history of the company, how they started the web portal for their employee?

MyNordstrom for its Employees

The American Incorporation operates one of the leading department store chain named as Nordstrom. The employees of Nordstrom Inc. are the Nordstrom associates. To maintain the privacy of the business operation all the employees should respect the privacy policy of the company. There are many terms and policies for the employees to maintain it.

If you are interested to know how you can access your account, we have given the detail process below for your guideline.

Access to check Payslip & Benefits option:

To have an account at can lead you to avail different benefits that include discounts for employees, retirement plans, incentive, health plans, and holiday vacations. By accessing their account at mynordstrom employees can easily access their payslips and benefits options.

nordstrom website access
  • To reset your account’s password use the option “Reset Password” if you haven’t changed it since a long time. For strong privacy, we suggest you change it after every 180 days.
  • In case, you forgot your password use Forget Password option to retrieve your password.

Features of MyNordstrom Portal

If you are a new user then before having an account at MyNordstrom you should go through the brief introduction. To access all the features you need to create an account first. Once you register yourself then you are free to access all the features at the Nordstrom employee website.

  • News

After signing up an account at Nordstrom website, all the news uploaded on the website will be available for mynordstrom users and they can easily access the news related to the company daily. This will help the employees to keep themselves update with daily news.

  • Working timings

One of the major advantages of having an account at is that you will get daily updates related to your work routine. Apart from this, it will be a useful platform for part-time workers as their daily schedule is different so they can get updates about everyday routine easily here.

  • Preparing sessions

To prepare their staff the company provide the training sessions to their employees. The training factor is included in the website for the convenience of the employees. Therefore, this platform helps their employees in polishing them by offering the training programs so that they can get their desired job.

  • My Nordstrom MyPay

By using “MyPay” feature, employees can check their salaries and other payment information online. As Mynordstrom is providing an online platform, you may not get your pay statement in hard copy so to check your payslip details you can access the web portal.

  • Marketing

The people who are crazy about their career Nordstrom is providing a platform for them to excel in their careers. They always provide their employees with timely promotions according to their capability and proficiency. To look for the suitable employment opportunities at Mynordstrom you need to sign up at Nordstrom career.

  • Information for employees

To know about their progress all the employees upload their data at the website for others and for their seniors.

Instructions to login MyNordstrom Portal

To login your account at MyNordstrom portal you only need a couple of minutes to do it so. It is a quite simple and easy process. Make sure you are having a good internet connection. Follow the instructions given below to access your account.

  • Visit the official site at by using this link.
  • You will be directed to the website login portal.
  • Now here you have to enter your identification number in the given field.
nordstrom website access

In case you don’t remember your identification number or had misplaced your card then you can reach the HR department and ask your number.

  • Next, provide your password in the given space.
  • Review your login credentials and click on the Login button to access your account.

After that, you can easily access all the feature of MyNordStrom employee portal.

Resetting the Password at MyNordstrom password

If you want to reset your password from a long time then you can do it easily. In this way, you can secure your password. Read the below mentioned simple steps to reset your account’s password.

  • Go through the link to access the official website.
  • To reset your password, under the login section you will see a link of “Reset password” click on it. Here you can, not only reset your password but can also request for a new password in case you have forgotten the previous one.
nordstrom password

Enter the Employee Number

  • Now here you have to prove your employment by entering your identification number provided by the company. Make sure you are entering it correctly.

Request Password

  • Now you have to make a request to get a new password as you have forgotten the previous one. For this click on “New password” button.

Check your Email

  • After making, a request for the password checks your email. You will see a link provided to you in which instructions are given to reset your password. Follow the instruction correctly to complete the process.

Finally, Reset your Password

Now you have to create a new password as you have lost the previous one. While creating your password make sure that it must be a secure one. After completing the process, log in your account with your new password.

MyNordstrom Register (New Hires):

If you are new user then you need to go through the “New Hire” option that you can find in the right corner of the website. If you are already registered then provide your username and password to access your account. If not then click on the “New User” button to create an account by following the instructions given to you onscreen.

  • Not an Employee Section

The employee section is for the new people who want to be an employee at Nordstrom. They can check the career section at Nordstrom. You need to click on the “Not an employee” option nearby “new hire”. You will be directed to the page where you can see a variety of opportunities to explore the employment options. You can apply here according to your requirements and qualification for the specified position.

  • Internship Section

Nordstrom is also providing a platform for the students who are in search of internship programs to have better market experience. Time commitment is their key focus so be careful about it. Students can apply according to their field and requirements in various internship programs.

  • Outstanding Work Awards Section

Nordstrom offers different, rewarding programs which are best for the employee’s career growth. They offer rewards to appreciate the employees who are performing well at their job. Some more benefits offered by the company include retirement plans, medical insurances, discounts, and others.

MyNordstrom Help Desk

If you are facing any difficulty while accessing your Mynordstrom login then you can reach the Nordstrom support system for quick help. You can contact them over the phone, via mail address or through fax. Select the one appropriate for you and note the contact details given below:

Phone Number

Make a direct call to the help center to discuss the problems you are going through at the number given below:

  • Dial 888 282 6060 for Nordstrom customer service
  • Dial 206 628 2111 to contact Nordstrom Corporate office

Fax Number

Use the number 206 628 1795 to connect the help center through the fax machine.

Mail Address

You can even send your queries on the given address:

1617 6th Ave.,Seattle, WA, 98101

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